Strategic appearance

In our areas, there are a number of folk sayings about “wasting money, energy …” Many often repeat them, but apply them poorly. Our creative ideas on connecting with your target audience with enough information from you, that’s the way to go. Our campaigns ensure the “collection” of new customers through paid digital, external, experiential, radio, television and social media. The right strategy means that every KM / euro / dollar you invest returns many times more, to you. Although we are in the age of digital media, traditional ones still have their place, connection is essential. We’ll tell you when, where and how to stay on the traditional approach, when it makes sense to put up a billboard or launch a radio campaign. It’s all about what works for the client and the brand, and that’s why we’re here to guide you and ensure you make the right decisions and maximize your impact.

Market analysis
Audience research
Media planning
Buying space in the media
Programs, radio, TV, magazines, local news
Paid search
Direct email
Focus groups
Competition analysis
Direct answer
Search engine optimization