PRmedia is a young agency, founded in February 2021. However, what is behind us is twenty years of work in the leading Bosnian-Herzegovinian media, internet portals and agencies. Experience and knowledge, following modern media and trends in the information industry, combined with many years of experience and knowledge of “crafts” is our advantage.

The team that is at your service at the PRmedia agency has successfully implemented a number of projects together, the first of which are the oldest local ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. portal ZENICABLOG, multimedia portal ZENICA.TV and news portal TOP VIJESTI.

Over time, we included a larger number of associates and friends in the team, so we formed another global information/news portal BH DESK, in order to intensify the publication of positive news and information for the increasing number of tourists coming to BiH, as well as citizens of BiH. So you can ride with us through Bosnia and Herzegovina with the EXPLORE BOSNIA – BOSNIA VIDEO portal, while you can read the latest information from the tourism of the Zenica-Doboj Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina at VIDIKOVAC. Last, but not least, our team works on the creation, formation and implementation of specialized websites, and one of them is the IFTARS MENU, which in a short time has gathered the sympathy of many Bosnians and Herzegovinans in the homeland and in the diaspora.

Move on!

Our signature have leading projects, the best and highest quality databases in this field. For more information contact us and ask for help. We are convinced that you can do better and more with us.